Ride for fitness, fun and health.



We always ride as a group with a "no cyclist left behind" rule



With rides throughout SoCal, we promise you an exciting adventure


Strive to Ride

We know it can be pretty hard to develop a cycling routine by yourself. CCC makes it easy and fun weather you ride on weekends, weekdays or once in a while.

Safety in Numbers

Rule of thumb says that riding in larger groups is hands down the safest way to enjoy cycling. Nothing better than feeling safe on morning ride.

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Scheduled Evetns

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Aside from CCC weekly ride routines, CCC also plans century events with sag support as well as representing in local event rides such as Tour de Foothills.

No Cyclist Left Behind

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IF your new to cycling and your scared of not keeping up with a group then be at ease because CCC has a “No rider left behind” policy. We got you!

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Custom Made Kits

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CCC has custom made Jersey and Bib kits in both woman and men size cuts. Each member can order his or her’s kits easily through our website.

Explore and Travel

Go to places you have never been before. Sight-see, stroll through landmarks across Southern California on zero MPG. Thats right… on your bike!

Looks fun right? JOIN TODAY